Meet EllieDee!

EllieDee is an arduino-powered 12 x 12 LED matrix who lives in San Diego, CA with her human Chris Fasulo. EllieDee can be a bit flashy at times, but she's pretty bright for her age and can instantly light up the room with her vibrance! Originally, EllieDee only communicated via Bluetooth, but now with a few upgrades, she's joining the Internet of Things revolution! This is her story...

  • April 2016: Hardware! Every loveable robot needs a body, so Chris started crafting EllieDee with everyday household items like wood, a 3D printer, 16 feet of digitally addressable LEDs, some diffused acylic paneling, and various electronics (ya know, only the essentials).
  • July 2016: Software! Initially designed and built by Chris prior to any serious programming knowledge, the result was a muddled but workable Android-compatible app created with MIT App Inventor tools.
  • November 2016: Software: The Sequel. Chris took a second hack at recreating the controller via a JavaScript web app after attending LEARN Academy Jumpstart Weekend (three day crash course in HTML, CSS, JS basics for anyone looking to get a taste of their full bootcamp program). At this point, he knew just enough to get him just about nowhere (or so he thought..)
  • February 2017: V3: EllieDee Does Rails. After attending a four-month long programming bootcamp at LEARN Academy, Chris rewrote the "controller" as a full-stack Ruby on Rails application to begin IoT integration.
  • TODO: Teach EllieDee how to say "please" (GET led colors from online database) and "thank you" (POST connection status) when speaking with the shiny new Rails app hosted by Heroku. Stay Tuned!